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Moonlight Howl is a horror-based podcast. In each episode, we are exploring exciting and new horror films, TV shows, and haunted attractions to review. Sharing local events happening in Southern California, and reading stories submitted by listeners like you.

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Meet the Hosts

Carmen MuÑoz

Hi! My name is Carmen, and I'm a small business owner by day, and a horror aficionado by night. Since I was a child I've always enjoyed watching classic horror films and then going back and reading the novels to see how they compare. A few facts about me: I Love killer clowns, hate pickles, was a major band geek in school.

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tony castro

Hey! My name is Tony, and I'm a musician and horror extraordinaire. When I am not creating music, I'm watching horror films, going to haunted attractions, create haunted mazes in my own home, and giving back to my community.

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